Sometimes all it takes is a step through the right door (of knowledge)

On this page, I want to share with my readers any resources that I have run across over the years that I have found helpful. It will be a dynamic page, as I will add more as I find them, so check back regularly. Some of these may provide links to products or services that I am affiliated with (i.e. I may earn a small commission if you click on them and purchase something, at no extra cost to you). However, there will be many that are just there for your information and do not lead to a purchase of anything at all. Many of these are free resources that I use every day.

Information Sites:

Get your Credit Report from all 3 Credit Bureaus for free every year:

Great information on everything financial: Investopedia

A daily email about financial news: Morning Brew




Investing Information and Possibilities (disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment advisor and make no recommendations regarding which investments are best for you. As stated above, I am an affiliate of some features companies, and may make a small commission if you sign up for their services, at no cost to you)


Real Estate Investing:

Website with Information about investing in real estate: Bigger Pockets

Diversyfund: Want to invest in commercial real estate? You can become part-owner in apartment complexes for as little as $500. Invest today!


Budgeting Software/Apps: 

Quicken for home and small business money management. app for on the go snapshot of your finances, including budgeting, as well as other tools.

Personal Capital app for on the go snapshot of your finances, including budgeting, as well as tools to find financial advisors.

Credit Reporting and Repair Services


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