In these COVID times

I have been thinking a lot about how people are managing financially in this new COVID world. I have a pretty stable job, and I still find myself worrying about my future. Will my job be cut because I haven’t been there long, and volumes are down? We already went through a period of furlough. Will I get sick and not be able to work, thus not be able to take care of my family? I am the main breadwinner, though not the only one, thankfully, but losing my income would definitely put everything at risk. Could I make ends meet? Would we be OK? How long could we sustain ourselves, and how long would it go on?

I know millions of people are wondering the same thing, or worse, already experiencing what I fear most. People are losing their business, jobs, possibly their homes. I wonder if the freeze on evictions and mortgages is really working, and how that will work when the freeze ends. Will people then owe all the back payments? Will they have to file for bankruptcy, or face eviction or foreclosure at that point?

This pandemic is calling out all the problems in our system, from our reliance on other countries to our obsessive buying of unnecessary consumer goods. Even our food supply chain has shown its weaknesses, as massive amounts of food were wasted due to supply chain issues. It is showing us how the world is so interconnected, for better or for worse. It is also reminding us that when it all comes down to it, we need very little in the way of things, and want the same when it comes to health, stability of basic needs, and love.

What can we do to make this time less stressful, financially or otherwise? Of course, reevaluating our spending, our needs vs wants will help. Reaching out to others, banding together, learning our resources from the government or other entities, such as charities. Give what you can. Take only what you need. Get back to the basics. Remember the little joys. Watch the sunset. Hold your loved one’s hand. Breathe deeply. Spend some time in nature. Don’t watch the news too often. Humans are resilient. We will get through this together.

I wish you health, and harmony. Stay strong, friends.

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